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Sample Information

New Sample Analysis Application Form

EM Imaging User: Select type of user, accordingly:

1.     Self: User Faculty

2.     Student: If Student (PhD or JRF, )

3.     Group Member (Any other member of the Lab)

Number of samples:  Fill the number of Samples

Nature of samples: What is the nature of samples are

Type of sample preparation: Select Sample Preparation, these are of three types:

1.     Block Preparation required

2.     Particulate Sample

3.     Samples for SEM Imaging

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1.     Block Preparation required- Samples that need fixation, dehydration, infiltration, and embedding which can be imaged after ultrathin sectioning.

2.     Particulate Sample- The sample that can be used directly on the grids with or without negative staining such as nanoparticles etc.

3.     Samples for SEM Imaging- These samples would be imaged on scanning electron microscope after sample preparation by CPD and Sputter coating.

Sample processing by: Select Sample processing, these are of two types:

1.     SAIF (AIIMS) New Delhi

2.     Self (Select if you are coming with prepared sample)

EM Preference: Select Preference:

·      No Preference

·      Morgagni (TEM), (Not in Function)

·      Tecnai (TEM)

·      SEM

Sample dispatch mode: Select dispatch mode:

·      By Hand

·      By Courier

·      By Post

Sample dispatch date: Provide the date

Title of the Project/Thesis: Must provide the complete title of PhD thesis or Project

Current work is part of: Select work part:

·      Ph.D Thesis

·      Master Thesis

·      MD Thesis

·      Other

·      Project

Tentative Date of Completion (Project/Thesis):   Please provide the date of completion of project or PhD

Sample Processing Charges: Fill it after calculation using Fee Calculator

Click on i– Please Calculate Your charges From Fee Calculator.

Tentative Imaging charges: Fill it after calculation using Fee Calculator

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Calculate the Imaging fees as-

Up to four samples per slot (one hour) for biological material in TEM,

Up to 5 samples per slot (one hour) for particulate material (nanoparticles),

Up to 4 samples per slot (one hour) for SEM Imaging.

Total amount paid:

Click on i- Sample processing charge plus, imaging charges.

Mode of Payment: Select Mode of Payment:

1.     Demand Draft:- Bank Name and Number require

2.     Cash

3.     Not Applicable

Expected date of Imaging: Minimum working days after sample received at SAIF New Delhi.

For Block preparation required sample- 30 days.

For particulate sample- 7days.

For SEM imaging- 15 days.

Signature of Officer-in-Charge                                         Signature of Chief Investigator
SAIF - AIIMS                                                                        Date & Official stamp