Technical Staff

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Arya
Senior Technical Officer

Date of Joining: 31-08-1992

Experience: 30 years
Major Responsibility: Sample processing, TEM imaging

Ms. Chanda Panwar
Technical Officer

Date of Joining 13-08-2002
Experience: 20 years.
Major Responsibility: TEM Imaging, Immuno Gold Labelling,  Ultramicrotomy, TEM sample processing.

Mr. Anuraag Singh
Technical Officer

Date of Joining: 05-06-2007.

Experience: 15 years.
Major Responsibility: TEM Imaging,  Ultramicrotomy, TEM sample processing.

Mr. Madan Mohan Sharma
Medical Lab Technologist

Date of Joining: 15-05-1987

Experience: 35 years
Major Responsibility: SEM Imaging, Sample Preparation for SEM (Sputter Coating and CPD) 

Mr. Pardeep Kumar Vaishnav
Medical Laboratory Technologist

Date of Joining: 23/07/2012

Experience: 10 years
Major Responsibility: TEM Imaging, Biological & Nano-particles Sample Preparation, Confocal Microscopy, Immuno Gold Labelling & Ultramicrotomy. 

Vidhya Shree M
Medical Laboratory Technologist

Experience: One Year
Major Responsibility:  Sample processing for TEM

Gopi Kumar Mahto
Medical Laboratory Technologist

Mr Chittaranjan Patra
Senior Administrative Assistant

Date of Joining: 24-07-2017

Experience: 32 years
Major Responsibility: EM Facility Project Management

Mr. Kuldeep Yadav
Data Entry Operator

Date of Joining: 01-04-2016

Experience: 6 years
Major Responsibility:  Data entry.