Theme of conference

Overview of the International Conference:
Electron Tomography (ET) with 3D image reconstruction (RT & Cryo) showed the potential to revolutionize biology and life science as a powerful tool for in situ macromolecular structure determination from their projections recorded at several angles. This can investigate the macromolecular complexes in the context of the cell or tissue in native environments with atomic-scale resolution in their spatial relationships and interactions with cells or tissues. Cryo-ET is now rapidly developing a diagnostic and research tool that enables structural biologists to determine the structure of proteins in their native cellular environment to sub-nanometer resolution. The upcoming two days of International conferences on Molecular and Cellular Electron Tomography (MCET-2023) will explore the potential of cryo-ET in the biomedical, biological, and diagnostics fields.

Overview of Workshop:
Four-day workshop and training program will focus on providing introductory knowledge of Electron Tomography (RT and Cryo), hands-on sample preparation using plunge freezing, cryo-ultramicrotomy, or cryo-focused ion- beam, glow discharge, growing cells on grids, transfer of grid to the EM, and handling, tilt series data collection, and processing with IMOD and eTomo software. The workshop will be planned with theoretical/methodological lectures and hands-on practical sessions simultaneously. This training is scheduled for capacity-building and improvement of research for the Indian researchers, post-docs, faculties, scientists, and R&D industries working in the relevant area.