National Workshop Electron Tomography of Biological Specimens

Electron Microscope Facility at AIIMS-New Delhi is organizing a five-day workshop/training program on 

“Electron Tomography of Biological Specimens” 

(May 9-13, 2022)

for the Ph.D., post-docs, and faculties of Indian Institutions, Universities and Industries.


This training program introduces the principles, technique, instrumentation, and application of Electron Tomography in 3D ultra structural imaging at RT and cryo condition for biological samples. This training program provides the basics and hands-on training in sample preparation for electron tomography, tilt series data collection, tomogram generation, sub tomogram averaging, segmentation, and model building.


The workshop covers theoretical /methodological lectures and practical sessions with hands-on training on specimen preparation for Electron tomography such as glow discharge, growing cell on grid, plunge freezing, cryo ultramicrotomy, transfer grid to the electron microscope, microscope handling, tilt series, data collection, and data processing with software IMOD and eTomo.


This training is scheduled for the capacity-building under the DST STUTI, DST SAIF and DBT SAHAJ programs for the Indian national researchers, post-docs, faculties, scientists and R&D industries working in the relevant area. This training would be beneficial to improve their research quality in the respective area. A one-page write-up explaining the statement of purpose regarding the importance of electron tomography in their research would be essential. The applicants must substantiate the relevance of attending the training program to their current research project or interest.

Conference Overview

Electron Tomography (ET) in conjugation with advanced 3D image reconstruction techniques has revolutionized biology and life science and emerged as a powerful tool for in situ macromolecular structure determination from their projections recorded at several angles. This can investigate the macromolecular complexes in the context of the cell or tissue in native environments with atomic-scale resolution in their spatial relationships and interactions with cells or tissues. Cryo-ET is now rapidly developing a diagnostic and research tool that enables structural biologists to determine the structure of proteins in their native cellular environment to sub-nanometer resolution. In a cryo-ET, a biological specimen is flash-frozen (preserves the sample in a hydrated, close-to-native state), thinned to an appropriate thickness, and multiple images are captured along with the tilt axis. The images are aligned and merged using computational techniques to reconstruct a three-dimensional picture or tomogram or by sub-tomogram averaging.

We are organizing a five-day workshop and training program (offline) that will focus on providing introductory knowledge of Electron Tomography (RT and cryo), hands-on for sample preparation using plunge freezing, cryo-ultramicrotomy, or cryo focused-ion-beam, glow discharge, growing cells on grids, transfer of grid to the EM, and handling, tilt series data collection, and processing with IMOD and eTomo software. The workshop will be planned with theoretical/methodological lectures and hands-on practical sessions simultaneously.

Selection Criteria:

This workshop accommodates a maximum of 15 participants. Participants required to submit a small write-up explaining the statement of purpose regarding the importance of electron tomography in their research would be essential. The applicants must substantiate the relevance of attending the training program to their current research project or interest.


The complete application form must contain the following details- (1) Name (2) Age (3) Department and University/Institute Postal address (4) e-mail ID (5) mobile no. (6) Educational qualifications from graduation onward indicating a year of passing and marks obtained (7) Present affiliation & research experience in brief (8) letter of recommendation from the present employer/research supervisor (for Ph.D. candidates) (9) write-up of present work/research interest including a statement of purpose regarding the importance of electron tomography in your research.

The complete application form forwarded through proper channels may be sent to before April 10th, 2022.

Only, the finally selected candidates will be informed by email on 12 April 2022, and they must deposit/transfer the nonrefundable registration fee before 20 April 2022.

Registration Fee:

Rs     7500/- (For Government Institution/University

Rs    15000/- (For Private Institution/University, and Industries)


(Registration fee includes work­shop fee, work­shop mate­ri­als, cater­ing dur­ing the day includ­ing lunch for all five days)

NOTE: The course fee does not include boarding. Participants are advised to arrange for boarding well ahead of the training.

Organising Committee:

Dr. Ravi Prakash

Organizing Secretary

Dr. S.C. Yadav

Course Organizer

Prof. T. C. Nag

Course Coordinator

Electron Microscope Facility

Department of Anatomy

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)

New Delhi 

Tel: +91-011-26593568; 26549121; 26549127

Advisory Committee:

Prof A. Shariff, Head of the Department, Anatomy, AIIMS, New Delhi

Prof. Manidipa Banerjee, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, IIT, Delhi

Prof. Suneel Kateriya, School of Biotechnology, JNU, New Delhi

Dr. Gopaljee Jha, NIPGR, New Delhi

Dr. C. V. Srikanth, RCB, Faridabad

Dr. Prabhakar Singh, EMF, Anatomy, AIIMS, New Delhi



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