The Shimadzu Prominence HPLC system is used for both analytical and semi-preparative separations. The instrument is equipped with fluorescence, photo diode array (PDA) detectors, and is combined with a fraction collector. The instrument is capable of delivering both isocratic and gradient solvent elution. A wide range of separations is performed on the instrument by reverse phase conditions; with a wide variety of column chemistries utilised for purification, quantitative analysis, fractionation. Prominence UFLC (Model no LC-20AD) total system key components include SIL-20A/AC autosamplers, which deliver virtually zero carryover and is equipped with a sample cooler that incorporates a dehumidifying function. Samples can be maintained at a fixed temperature in the range of 4 to 40°C., LC-20AD Pumps, which provide unmatched gradient speed and precision, CBM-20A system controller enables users to setup, control, and monitor their HPLC remotely, SPD-M40 photodiode array detector D2/W offering dual-wavelength mode. These UV-VIS detectors can measure two wavelengths simultaneously. The SPD-20AV, with its deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp, permits highly sensitive measurement in both the visible and ultraviolet regions. RF-20A Fluorescence Detector with light source Xenon lamp is also available within this system.